If you own an AVM FRITZ!Box Fon and want to get notified in real-time about incoming calls via your Dream-Multimedia-TV Dreambox or your Instant Messenger, you may want to try listen2fritz.


listen2fritz supports the following features:

  • listen on the AVM FRITZ!Box Fon to get information about incoming and outgoing calls or hangups,
  • lookup of the phone numbers in real-time via LDAP, eg. your local LDAP address book,
  • lookup of the phone numbers in real-time via MySQL, eg. your local MySQL DB-Server,
  • lookup of the phone numbers in real-time via a script, eg. to solve the number via (a script is included),
  • notification via a dreambox interface: the incoming call (together with callers name, if resolved) is displayed while you are watching TV,
  • notification via IRC interface: the incoming call will be sent to your instant messenger via IRC prototocol,
  • notification via MAIL interface: the incoming call will be sent to you via SMTP protocol,
  • triggereing a shell script upon incoming calls with configurable parameters,
  • logging of the events into flat file in customizable format,
  • logging of the events into a MySQL DB,
  • lightweight implementation in C with controllable dependencies.

In almost any cases I see the notifactions before my DECT phone rings -- cool!

What do you need to get it running?

  • a linux box,
  • an AVM FRITZ!Box Fon,
  • optional: LDAP server to lookup phone numbers,
  • optional: MySQL server to lookup phone numbers and do logging,
  • optional: internet access to lookup phone numbers eg. via,
  • optional: dreambox,
  • optional: IRC backbone for IM notifications,
  • optional: MAIL service running on your linux box.


Release 0.9.7, 20th April 2020

  • fixed missing include of phonenumber helper functions

Release 0.9.6, 5th June 2015

  • minor fixes -- thanks to Juergen

Release 0.9.5, 31st May 2015

  • minor fixes
  • updated lookup to the
  • external lookups will now be written back into the mysql lookup table -- thanks to Kanne
  • international numbers will now also be correctly transformed into +<intlcode>... -- thanks to Kanne
  • phone numbers will now be converted directly in the fritzbox module into the normalized format -- thanks to Kanne
  • added module for logging via syslog -- thanks to Juergen

Release 0.9.4, 15th October 2014

  • minor fixes
  • added parameter descriptions in default configuration file

Release 0.9.3, 27th April 2013

  • fixed daylight saving bug, time is now displayed in localtime
  • fixed phone book lookup script for
  • added better back-off handling to reconnect the Fritz!Box
  • implemented a tes/simulator mode (listen2fritz ---testmode)
  • improved filter for notifications
  • multiple notification of the same type are now supported (got more than one dreambox?)
  • notification via dreambox: a complete URL is no expected in the configuration (dbox is now supported by this change)
  • notification via mail: FromAddr can now be passed
  • additional bugfixing

Release 0.8.1, 2nd March 2009

  • minor fixes,
  • better documentation of default configuration file

Release 0.8, 1st March 2009

  • many code clean-ups,
  • added support for MySQL (lookup and log modules)
  • made all modules configurable during build
  • supports multiple configurations of the same loockup, notification, and logging module (eg. to support multiple dreamboxes)

Release 0.5, 26th October 2007

  • first offical release
  • there are still things to do


For RPM-based systems, visit openSUSE Build Service and search for listen2fritz. Use the download/install function directly from your browser, or add the found repository as an installation source.

If you want to build listen2fritz on your own, download the source tarball, install the development packages of OpenLDAP Client, MySQL Client, readline and CURL, and do the following:

$ tar xvzf listen2fritz-0.9.6.tar.gz

$ cd listen2fritz-0.9.6

$ ./configure

$ make

After that, do the installation as root user:

# make install

listen2fritz is now installed. Now edit the configuration file in /etc/listen2fritz.conf and change it to fit your environment. The comments in the config file explain the options.

Next step is to start listen2fritz.

Start it in foreground first:

# listen2fritz --foreground

listen2fritz will display log messages in your shell session and log these also into the system log. Check if everything is working and correct the config file if not.

If your setup is complex or you would like to check all cases of notification, do:

# listen2fritz --testmode

This allows you to simulate incoming and outcoming calls (a Fritz!Box simulating instance will be started, try HELP in the upcoming command line interface).

The package also installed a system rc file under /etc/init.d/listen2fritz and an convenience link /usr/sbin/rclisten2fritz. Use your runlevel editor to enable listen2fritz for the desired runlevel (on a SUSE system a "chkconfig listen2fritz on" should do this).

Preparing your AVM FRITZ!Box Fon

To enable the call monitoring in your AVM FRITZ!Box Fon you have to dial #96*5* on a phone connected to the Fritz!Box (use #96*4* to disable the call monitoring).

Having trouble to get it running?

Read the documentation and man pages (there is no documentation yet -- read the source code). If nothing helps, send me an email and I will see, what we can do about it.

Suggestions, corrections, critics?

Don't hesitate to contact me via email.